Posture Clinic

We know you want to feel good in your body and continually evolve your practice. In order to do that you need to understand the form and purpose for each pose so you can connect your mind, body and breath in the proper way.  The problem is, there is limited time in a normal class to unpack the details on how, when and why of each pose which can make you feel unsure, or worse, stagnant in your practice.
  We believe in every class you should feel connected, challenged and changed.  We understand your desire to keep working toward your next best self, even in your practice which is why we offer posture clinic.  In posture clinic we breakdown the posture word by word, breath by breath.  This allows you to integrate the learning immediately, so click this link to sign up today so you can stop feeling unsure, disconnected or stagnant and start feeling connected, challenged and changed in every class.  Until then, focus on listening closely and matching your body to the words.
  I look forward to seeing you in posture clinic.